Our utterly natural salt bars are genuinely luxurious, They make your skin feel wonderful and produce an extremely beautiful and creamy lather. Salt bars are often referred to as Spa Soaps because of their luxurious feel. 

We only use the finest PinkHimalayan Salt in our Spa soaps. We use Himalayan salt for its renowned beneficial properties.

Regular use of Himalayan natural salt skin products may help control many skin conditions such as dry or oily skin, eczema and acne. It will cleanse and renew your skin and has excellent exfoliating properties.

Lemon Himalayan Salt Spa Bar

SKU: Lemon Salt Bar
  • NOTE: All our soaps are vegan friendly. Each one is lovingly packaged in Eco-Friendly packaging. 

    Sodium Cocoate(Coconut oil), Sodium Chloride(Sea salt), Sodium Olivate (Olive oil), Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Castorate(Castor oil), Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil (Grapefruit Essential Oil), CI 77004, Limonene.

  • All of our soaps are handcrafted so every bar is slightly unique to the next.  As they are hand-poured the designs vary throughout the soap, so when it's cut every one is unique, so no one will ever have the exact same one as you! Our soaps are also hand cut so weights will vary. However, they will always be over the estimated weight stated.