Our decorative designer espresso candle is exuisite. An exeptional amount of thought and art has gone into curating this range. We also promise that we have used the world best coffee fragrance to delight your senses. 


Espresso Express

SKU: Gel Espresso


    Instructions for use: Keep wax pool clear of items

    like match heads. Do not let your candle burn all the way

    down, always leave 20mm wax to spare. Always burn candles on

    a heat resistant mat. Should the candle or holder be damaged do not

    use. Never leave an unattended flame. Do not leave children or pets alone

    with a lit candle. Snuff out after a four hour burn time. Do not burn near fabrics

    or flammable materials. It is your responsibility to read this label and comply with

    candle safety. NOT FOR CONSUMPTION!. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

    Avoid contact with painted or polished surfaces. Place in a suitable container as product

    may stain. In case of spillage, wipe clean immediately. DO NOT USE if burner is cracked or

    damaged. Do not add fragrance oil or water. For single tea light only. Keep details for future reference.Ingredients – Gel Wax, Fragrance, specialist candle colourant.

    WARNING: May cause an allergic skin

    reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment.

    IF ON SKIN; wash with soap and water.If skin irritation or rash occurs,

    seek medical advice/attention. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.