Traditional Styling wax for beards and moustaches.  Firm and moisture resistant. Our strong mustache wax set can be used to firmly hold your facial hair in all styles and shapes and lasts a long, long time as well as being moisture resistant. You receive 6 x handy 15ml pocket sized tins in a nify gift box.

  • High Quality Ingredients
  • 15ml Tins
  • Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Original unscented fragrances.
  • Strong hold for mustache and beards
  • Lasts a long, long time
  • Moisture resistant so you can drink without getting shaggy
  • Top quality at low price


What does mustache wax do and why you need it?
Moustache wax is a stiff and slighty sticky pomade that is applied to your moustache to both shape and hold the hairs in place, especially at the ends.

What makes our product so good?
The secret to our wax is the 100% premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the thorough testing we have made to perfect the product, and the love and care taken in making it.

How Long will it Last?
Each pocket sized 1/2 Oz (15ml) Tin will last a long time depending on usage.

What does it smell like?

 Original low odour which won't interfere with your cologne! Lemongrass with a zingy fresh lemon smell. Beautiful Sweet Orange zest, refreshing Eucalyptus fragrances, Whiskey on the rocks and Original.

How should I use it?
Only a small amount of pomade is needed (usually less than a fingernail worth) which is scraped from the tin and warmed in the hands. Once pliable it is applied to the ends of the mustache or beard where styling is required. Click the link for more detailed instructions on how to use mustache wax.

Drengr Moustache Pomade

SKU: Lemongrass Moustache Wax
  • Whats in the Tin?
    Wax Ingredients: Cera Alba (Beeswax), Petrolatum, Essential Oils

    Always patch test before full use and discontinue if irritation occurs.

    Does it have a use by date?
    Every tin is filled and sealed for freshness. After opening you should use within 12 months to get the most of the wax. But it is so good you will use it long before then.